Wednesday, March 28, 2012


New York has really come into its own the last few weeks now the sun is shining, the winter coats have gone into a suitcase at the top of the closet and the flowers are out.
It's lovely watching a new city go through each seasonal change for the first time.

Look at this view of the Chrysler building from outside the office where i volunteer. 
5pm, leave the building and look up. 

Compared to this 5pm just two months earlier.

We haven't been doing anything too dramatic lately. Real life has kicked in and there has been work and colds and regular day to day stuff going on. Which is nice in itself, to be starting to build our own new routine.

But here are a few photos snapped on my iphone over the last week or so, of spring in the neighbourhood, the novelty of working freelance from home (or the library, or the coffee shop) for a while, the University in full blossom bloom and a couple of early evening strolls in Central Park.

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