Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday sunshine

This week has been grey, cool and often drizzly. 
But last weekend was perfect sunshine so we made the most of Saturday and got outdoors. 

It was so nice to walk along the Highline for the first time since February. I couldn't believe how green and full of flowers, birds and new artwork it was. I do love that park. We spent a good while sitting on the lovely smooth wood benches watching people go by.

Then we did a spot of shopping and had a quick lunch in Chelsea Market before heading back uptown. We intended to walk home via Central Park but instead ended up walking up Broadway and had our first proper explore of the Lincoln Center during daylight hours.  It's another little oasis of peace right in the middle of the city and there's so much great stuff going on there. 

A really fun day out in the city with satisfactorily tired feet and pink noses by evening!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I've had some brilliant news this week and will officially be in permanent employment as of Monday! 
I really couldn't be happier with my new job.

This feels like a big step in our New York adventure (and was one of the biggest, scariest unknowns when we moved) so it seemed only right to go straight out and celebrate with watermelon & basil margaritas and some delicious tacos.

 My plans for my last three days of freedom include finishing up my final freelance projects, a farewell pizza lunch with the team I've been volunteering with, one last quiet weekday trip to the Met, a much-needed haircut and, of course, some pre-new job shopping!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Sunday day-trip

Easter Sunday, blue skies and what felt like the first day of summer seemed like good enough reasons to get out of the city for a day with Mum and Simon. 
We decided to get the train up the Hudson river (a scenic trip in itself) to Beacon to visit the Dia Art Foundation which everyone in New York seems to be talking about at the moment.

The gallery is housed in a former printing factory right by the river and is a really incredible venue. Absolutely huge and so bright and characterful. 
It was very calming, enjoyable and totally engrossing.
I would definitely recommend a trip.

Dave's favourite pieces included giant metal drums with disorientating maze type paths through them and (of course!) a huge rock.

They also have a beautiful and very well looked after garden filled with blossom trees and a tropical soundscape.

After lunch in the garden we hopped one more stop on the train to Cold Spring village (which I'd previously visited with Susie) for a walk, some big house spying, antique hunting (I found a great vintage tennis racket for $10 which I love!) and most importantly the very first ice-cream of the season.

So excited for a New York summer now!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Other things happening lately

Here is what the past few weeks have looked like for us...

Boat trip to the fascinating Immigration Museum on Ellis Island (via the statue of libery)

 Showing Mum and Simon all around campus and our neighbourhood (including our favourite local brunch and sushi spots)

Enjoying sweet treats brought from home.

A lovely evening out with free tickets to the Affordable Art Fair opening drinks reception. followed by a new delicious pizza discovery with friends.

 Continuing to enjoy just how colourful New York is when everything comes in to bloom.

Sunny afternoons at the Brooklyn Flea.

Enjoying Mum's food whilst we had the chance (and reaping the benefits of lending her my Ottonlenghi cookbook when we left London)

 Celebrating Dave turning 30 with an amazing dinner and cocktails out and some New York cheesecake at home.

And sampling a new Taco Truck at the end of our street for a pretty much perfect working lunch...

(And just in case you're thinking it's one long holiday there has also been a lot of paper writing and abstract submitting -from Dave- and job applications, interviews and freelance craziness -from me-!)

Happy weekend!