Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Sunday day-trip

Easter Sunday, blue skies and what felt like the first day of summer seemed like good enough reasons to get out of the city for a day with Mum and Simon. 
We decided to get the train up the Hudson river (a scenic trip in itself) to Beacon to visit the Dia Art Foundation which everyone in New York seems to be talking about at the moment.

The gallery is housed in a former printing factory right by the river and is a really incredible venue. Absolutely huge and so bright and characterful. 
It was very calming, enjoyable and totally engrossing.
I would definitely recommend a trip.

Dave's favourite pieces included giant metal drums with disorientating maze type paths through them and (of course!) a huge rock.

They also have a beautiful and very well looked after garden filled with blossom trees and a tropical soundscape.

After lunch in the garden we hopped one more stop on the train to Cold Spring village (which I'd previously visited with Susie) for a walk, some big house spying, antique hunting (I found a great vintage tennis racket for $10 which I love!) and most importantly the very first ice-cream of the season.

So excited for a New York summer now!

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