Friday, March 23, 2012

Escape from the city

On a crisp and sunny March day Susie and decided it would be nice to leave the confines of Manhattan for a little trip (Dave had to work unfortunately). Someone had recommended Cold Spring as a pretty village a short train ride from the City so we decided to head there. 

We started the day with bagels and smoothies at Grand Central (such a beautiful station really adds to any trip!)

The train was just like the one Don Draper commutes on (I was quite disappointed no-one had a hat to store on the overhead racks).

Cold Spring is in New York State just over an hour north of NYC and sits right next to Hudson river. It was so pretty and felt like real America. 

It looked pretty much like the town in so many film and tv favourites (obviously like any British child of the 80s my impression of 'real' America comes from a childhood of wishing I lived in My so called life/Eerie Indiana/The Goonies/Stand by me/My Girl/countless other small town America settings!)

It was a quiet Monday so felt very peaceful. A real escape. (I'm sure it's very different on a summer Saturday).

We explored the Main Street and the numerous lovely cafes and antique shops (how does a tiny town sustain so many?) and generally stretched our legs a little walking around taking photos of amazing houses.

I've decided i'd quite like a wraparound porch on which to enjoy morning coffees and a pre-dinner gin and tonic.

Back on the Main St (really the only street) we ate lunch in a lovely organic cafe serving mainly local produce including the most incredibly fresh, yellow eggs. 
Can you imagine going to such a tiny village in the UK and having a range of delicious eating options? (not to say that I don't miss a good pub lunch of course!)

And since we were in holiday mode it seemed only right to have a Bellini to wash it all down! 

After lunch we did some more wandering. If it had been a little warmer it would have been lovely to sit by the river for an hour or two.

But we were happy enough soaking up some more small town details.

We ended the day down at the river catching the last bit of sun and feeling thoroughly relaxed. 
Much as I am definitely a big city person I do believe that the odd escape is essential for your mental health. 

Having some time to spare before our train and feeling pretty chilly by this point we headed into the lovely, old-fashioned hotel overlooking the river for a Cold Spring cocktail. 

Susie with her yummy Hudson-tini!

 Bye bye Cold Spring, I'm sure we'll be back again (I think this town would be brilliant at Halloween!) and Dave and I already excited about some other possible little escapes for the Spring and Summer.

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