Sunday, March 18, 2012

A week with Susie

Last week was a great week of fun in New York with Dave's sister.
Susie is an excellent houseguest (she even brought Cadburys!) and it was really nice exploring the city some more whilst she was here.

Some of what we ate -

  • The best pizza at John's pizzeria
  • French toast, bacon, eggs and mugs of coffee at our local diner
  • Salty chocolate cookies and incredible cappuccinos at Blue Bottle in Brooklyn (which even gets the Dave seal of coffee approval)
  • Lovely brunch at Community Food and Juice in Morningside Heights
  • Last night slices at NY Pizza Suprema

Some of what we saw - 
  • Rockefeller Centre and a tour of NBC tv studios
  • 9/11 memorial
  • First trip up the Empire State Building - incredible views
  • Museum of the Moving Image in Queens - where we met the cast of the Muppets and spent ages creating our own animated films!
  • Rainy night trip to the Lincoln Center
  • Some NY history at the Tenement Museum

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