Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday sunshine

This week has been grey, cool and often drizzly. 
But last weekend was perfect sunshine so we made the most of Saturday and got outdoors. 

It was so nice to walk along the Highline for the first time since February. I couldn't believe how green and full of flowers, birds and new artwork it was. I do love that park. We spent a good while sitting on the lovely smooth wood benches watching people go by.

Then we did a spot of shopping and had a quick lunch in Chelsea Market before heading back uptown. We intended to walk home via Central Park but instead ended up walking up Broadway and had our first proper explore of the Lincoln Center during daylight hours.  It's another little oasis of peace right in the middle of the city and there's so much great stuff going on there. 

A really fun day out in the city with satisfactorily tired feet and pink noses by evening!

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