Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rainy day at the Guggenheim

I think it might be my best New York gallery so far. 
Two of my favourite things combined - clean white walls and round rooms.

We visited with Mum and Simon on a wet and busy Saturday and I thought it was going to be packed. But actually it still felt pretty peaceful and relaxing.

I particularly like the fact that you start at the bottom and just follow the spiral up to the top so you don't even have to think about where you're going, it was almost hypnotic. 
(I get anxious if I think I'm not doing exhibitions in the right order, silly I know)

We saw the John Chamberlain retrospective (which mainly consists of surprisingly beautiful and colourful crushed cars). Despite having no previous knowledge of his work I completely loved it. 

Partly because the free audio guide was so great with insights from curators, family and the artist himself. 
I do always appreciate art so much more with a little explanation!

 (can you spot Dave and Simon having a chat above?)

I can't even complain about the weather as the rain and mist allowed us a very atmospheric walk there and back. 
New York really suits all seasons so well.


Walking home (via Whole Foods) for an evening of roast lamb and red wine.

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