Saturday, September 29, 2012

One day vacation

Back at the end of August Dave went to Hawaii for work and was texting me pictures of palm trees, sushi, beaches and pool-side cocktails all week while I sweltered in humid New York. 
(He'd probably want me to point out here that he was also working very hard on serious volcano business). 

Due to my my new American schedule (far fewer days off than seems possible to survive on!) I was unable to go with him and so as some consolation I was desperate to get a final day on the beach before the end of Summer.

We decided to minimise travel time and head out to Long Beach for the day which is only an hour from Penn Station. 
Obviously as it was a hot and sunny weekend we were not the only New Yorkers who had this clever idea...

Thankfully there was plenty of room on the sand for all of us. Including some very energetic frisbee and volleyball matches.

We swam in the sea, jumped in the waves, snoozed under our umbrella and ate ice-crem on the boardwalk. 

It's no Hawaii but just being out of the city and in the sea was lovely. 
A perfect end to our first summer here.

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