Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day trip to Europe

A while back we got the subway up to the top of Manhattan to visit The Cloisters Museum and Gardens. It's part of The Met Museum and is a huge collection of medieval European architecture, art and artifacts. 

The walk there from the subway takes you through a lovely park overlooking the Hudson, with some great views of the George Washington Bridge. 

When you arrive it kind of does feel like you're suddenly in Italy. 
Pretty much everything in there, including the materials the actual museum is built from, was imported from Europe over a hundred years ago. 

It was a really hot and muggy day so after a brief explore of the exhibitions we mainly just enjoyed the cool courtyards and gorgeous medieval gardens (they smelt amazing too).

 And then on the way home we spotted what Dave assures me was a groundhog!

After all that it seemed only right to end the day with an incredibly American dinner - our first US-style BBQ meal at our local Dino-BBQ.


  1. And to think you were once a veggie!!

    1. I know! Couldn't quite believe I was eating ribs either... But so tasty!


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