Sunday, September 16, 2012

Garden State pickings

On one of the hottest days of summer we drove out of the city to a pick-your-own farm in New Jersey to eat ripe peaches and enjoy some much needed fresh air.

After so long in Manhattan it was lovely to be in the countryside and the array of produce available for picking was brilliant. 

We had to be a little restrained as Dave was heading off to Washington for the week so we tried to pick only a couple of each thing and not go too crazy. But still we ended up with two boxes filled with blueberries, peaches, melons, squashes, courgettes, aubergine and lots more.

After an afternoon trekking round the farm in the absolutely baking sun we were rather tired and hot. So before heading back to the city we stretched out in the shade of the peach trees and gorged ourselves on as many perfectly ripe and delicious peaches as we could eat. 
And then topped it off with home made ice-cream from the farm shop!

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