Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day-trip to Brooklyn

We spent a glorious, sunny day in Brooklyn last weekend. It really felt like spring. 
I still can't get over how lightly we have got off with our first New York winter.

We popped by favourite shopping spot Brooklyn Flea in the morning and then walked up to lovely Park Slope. I really like it there, it has a nice Stoke Newington feel about it and I love the gorgeous brownstone buildings.

We met friends for a yummy lunch. Boys ate eggs and bacon, girls ate Freekeh and goats cheese salads. Freekeh's the new quinoa apparently. When did quinoa become old? It was tasty though and felt pretty healthy which is a nice change for this city!

More coffee then a nice walk in Prospect Park where we spotted these people getting very excited playing some sort of medieval war games. Some of them were even topless and coated in blue war paint. Eccentric.

Then on to the Brooklyn Museum which was great. Really nice mix of exhibits and amazing, spacious building. Weirdly for a Saturday we pretty much had the place to ourselves - such a rare treat.

Dave was quite disappointed in my inability to depict waiting.

Our favourite section was the intriguingly named 'visible storage'. 
Basically thousands of items from the museum archives that you can rifle through yourself. Such a good idea!

Dave and I popped up to Williamsburg for some more vintage homewares trawling followed by pizza and a few drinks.

A lovely day was finished off with a surprisingly great subway musical performance which gathered quite a crowd on the way back uptown. 

And then the final cherry on top we arrived home to discover my permission to work has been granted. I'm now fully legal!! 
(Now to find a job... the next adventure. Eek).

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