Sunday, December 18, 2011

Round the fleas

We seem to have spent a fair bit of the past few weekends exploring flea markets and scouting out local vintage stores in an attempt to furnish our apartment fairly cheaply and in a style we like. 
Luckily this is definitely my idea of fun! The hardest bit has been trying to stay focused on furniture when there has been so much amazing other stuff everywhere we've been.

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market is split over several locations. Some indoors and some outdoors.

The best section is definitely the Antiques Garage which is housed in a huge car park every weekend. Sadly not much furniture but I will definitely be back for clothes, knick knacks and lots more. So much great stuff!

This weekend we made our first trip to Brooklyn for the famous Brooklyn Flea. Apparently it's even better in summer when it moves outdoors. During winter it's in a huge old bank building and there was so much i wanted to buy! But sadly once again very little in the way of furniture. Seems second hand furniture is harder to come by here.

We also did some initial exploring of Brooklyn which seems great. It's funny how different it feels to Manhattan, was sort of like being back in the real world. Need to go back and see more soon.

Defrosting with hot chocolate in a Swedish cafe in Park Slope after some very chilly wandering.

Greenflea, our local market on the Upper West Side has proved the most fruitful on the furniture front so far. Lots of good stalls and close enough to go back to each week to see what's in stock. It's housed in a Junior school and is within walking distance of our flat.

Our favourite purchases so far...

Some very reasonably priced champagne bowls from Hells Kitchen (5 for $10). Yes we're still lacking essentials such as a kettle and coffee table but at least we can drink our Prosecco in style.

And a desk made of lovely old wood we will use as a work area in the living room (from Greenflea).

 Lots more shopping still to be done. I'm off to stalk some coffee tables on Ebay...

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