Sunday, December 4, 2011

Morningside Heights

Our new flat is at west 115th and Broadway in a neighbourhood called Morningside Heights, at the top end of the Upper West Side.

For two people who have spent their whole adult lives studying or working in universities it's pretty great to have the Columbia University campus right across the road.

There is loads to see, eat and shop in our new area too. 
Here are a few photos.

Our busy stretch of broadway.

Regular local produce market at the end of our street.

Sunday bagel queue!

One of many local 'gourmet' food carts


  1. bagels!!!!!!!!!!! Do they taste even better than the ones on Bricklane?

  2. We have yet to try those particular bagels. But they have been pretty good so far! Maybe not quite brick lane standards but i'm sure the best ones are still out there waiting for us...


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