Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow day!

This is the sight we woke up to on Saturday morning... our first New York snow!  
(it was possible the earliest and quickest I've seen Dave get up since we got here)

We love snow! 
It wasn't too deep but it was the kind of fluffy, powdery snow you just don't seem to get in Britain.

Straight after toast and coffee we got wrapped up in our winter gear and headed down to Riverside Park. 
Even Broadway felt really peaceful.

 The park was in full-on Snow Day mode (complete with friendly park rangers serving free hot coffee)

Everyone seemed so happy. Snow! On a Saturday! 

Lots of people were sledging (there were even quite a few cross country skiing) and all the hay-bales in front of trees and benches that we'd previously queried now made sense. 
They are sledging buffers!

Luckily the snow didn't interfere with our Saturday evening plans. 
We left the city for a night to have dinner with Dave's new team at his boss's lovely cottage in the Palisades. 

 By Sunday evening the snow was pretty much gone but we're hoping for more before winter is out!

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