Sunday, January 1, 2012

The grocery store

Shopping for food in New York is actually pretty different to London. It's all quite exciting still and full of novelty. So much food, so much choice! 
But I do have to admit that I am occasionally missing Waitrose and the Newington Green veg shop (that's normal right?).

Our best local grocery store is the Westside Market. 
It has a great deli and brilliant fruit and veg selection plus it stocks (at considerable expense) three of my most missed food items. Marmite, halloumi and creme fraiche. 
Incredibly it's open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Avocados the size of my head (you should see the size of the aubergines!)

 A tough choice... which dip to have with our 'chips'?

 The huge selection of cheese and meat keeps us both happy.

A little further down Broadway is the famous Zabar's deli which has been open for around 75 years and is a real Upper West Side institution (and features in SATC, The West Wing, 30 Rock etc etc). 
It's another great place for meat, cheese, bagels, smoked salmon and various Jewish delicacies and baked goods. Yum!

They'll also ship a 'homesick New Yorker' crate anywhere in the US within 12 hours containing Zabar's bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon and coffee.

 Within a couple of blocks of our flat we also have an Italian deli (that does the BEST sandwiches), a bagel bakery, a wine shop (you can't buy wine in regular supermarkets here - weird) and loads of other independent grocery stores. Pretty great! 
It's all quite chaotic and packed in though. I'd love a half hour gliding around the wide aisles of Waitrose where everything is organised in a sensible manner!

Did you know you can't buy Heinz baked beans in America though? What?! No buttery beans on toast? There is Tea and Sympathy downtown where you can buy pretty much all your favourite British treats. But you would not believe what they charge for baked beans, Cadburys, monster munch and Marmite! 

Think i'll start writing a little shopping list for our upcoming visitors!


  1. Pete likes this post! The avocado photo is particularly awesome!

    Hope you two are keeping well. You're missing more storm fun over here!

  2. Ah Hannah! Loving the blog! Esp this post! Saoirse will love it!!! Hope you are enjoying nyc. Hope I come out again soon, I'll give you a shout if I do xxx

  3. Thanks both!
    Pete thought the crisp shot would be your fave!
    Jude would love to see you in NY - let me know x

  4. OMG ! Do not bring me and Chris to the Westside Market when we come and visit otherwise we will stay there for hours and hours....


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