Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Search for a slice

Finding our favourite local pizza place is pretty high on our list of priorities right now. 

We've had great pizza downtown and have a long list of 'New York's best slices' to work our way through. We've even pretty much mastered the New York fold hold.

Truly delicious, classic New York style pizza from the famous Ben's Pizza in Soho

But we haven't really seen many great pizza places in our neighbourhood. We'd tried Koronet back in our first week here. One of the few places that doesn't claim to be the best slice of pizza in NY they instead stake a claim to be the biggest slice in NY. They were certainly enormous but fairly bland and a little greasy.

 So we were very happy to receive a recommendation for Sal and Carmine Pizza just a few blocks from us. Apparently it's been run by the Italian brothers since 1959 and one of them is always there making the pies. 

We stopped by for a slice on our way back from some sales shopping and we loved it. Super crispy base and delicious sauce that meshed perfectly with the fresh mozzarella. Yum!

The only decor consists of messily hung plaudits from press and celebrities and it seems Jesse Eisenberg mentions in nearly every interview how much he loves the pizza there!

The place is tiny and New York Magazine weren't kidding when they described Sal and Carmine as 'endearingly cantankerous' (I was too scared to take any photos of Sal/Carmine prepping our pizza) but I think we may have found our perfect local pizza.

 My attempt at the fold hold...

If you aren't aware of quite how seriously New Yorkers take their pizza then I suggest you watch this clip. Listen to the baying crowds!

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  1. Great!!
    I did the same in Jacksonville...except that it was only with Pepperoni Pizzas from take aways....
    so it ended up as a hunt for the least greasy pizza :-)
    I'm sure yours was much better!!


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