Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanksgiving in Vermont

We spent our second Thanksgiving in a cosy lake-side cabin in beautiful Vermont with Columbia friends. 
We left New York after work on Wednesday night (both cars laden with food and drink including the all important turkey), arrived after 1am and pretty much fell straight into bed. 
I was very happy to wake up on Thanksgiving morning, pull back the curtains and see the above view out of our window.

Our home for the weekend on Lake Rescue

We felt kind of like nine Europeans pretending to be an American family at Thanksgiving! 
We started the day with a very tasty American pancake breakfast followed by a nice walk round the lake to take in our surroundings and rebuild our appetite for the main event.

 Then it was all hands on deck for a lovely relaxed afternoon of cooking...

 The turkey was very much a group effort!

And then we ate far, far too much food..

Followed by more wine, amazing pumpkin cake and games in front of the fire.

The best thing about Thanksgiving is that when it's over there are still 3 more days before you have to go back to work!

We spent the remainder of our Vermont weekend going on walks, making good use of the canoes that came with the house, visiting the maple syrup producer next door, eating, drinking, playing games and generally relaxing.

Hike up Okemo Mountain with spectacular views at top

Unfortunately we completely misjudged how long it would take and ended up walking down in the dark - which was a little challenging! Thank goodness for Iphones and the torch app!

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