Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Season

We have safely survived Hurricane Sandy. We have been incredibly lucky compared with lots of other people who are still have no power or have been evacuated. The Upper West Side was largely unscathed and we felt very safe in our sturdy old apartment building.

Everyone started to panic a little on Sunday afternoon when it was announced that the subway would shut at 7 and the crazy buying began...

We stocked up on plenty of food, wine, some bottled water (pretty much the last few bottles in Morningside Heights) and a large bag of tea-lights. Everyone had received emails to say there was no work on Monday so Sunday night definitely felt more festive than usual!

On Monday morning we went out for a long walk round the neighbourhood before battening down the hatches.

It was wet and windy but nothing exceptional and was hard to imagine a hurricane was arriving that night. I was definitely enjoying a much needed extra day of rest!

Just before it got dark Dave popped out one last time as the winds were really picking up...

Then we settled in, cooked spaghetti and meatballs, had a G&T, watched Downton Abbey and listened to the wind howling outside.

On Tuesday we ventured out in the morning to see how things were looking. A few trees were down and there was debris strewn around but a world away from the pictures we were seeing of a just a few miles downtown.

Pretty much everything was opening up again by lunchtime so we had lunch with friends to compare hurricane tales.

Back to work for me today (Dave's campus still has no power) and the commute without the Subway was not much fun. Fingers crossed it will be up and running again tomorrow.

Scary, dangling crane on 57th Street

Queue for the bus home this evening

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