Saturday, July 14, 2012

4th of July

Our first Independence Day!

Having a day off on a Wednesday was rather confusing but certainly made a nice change. Especially since it was incredibly hot and sunny (we were mid-way through our first real NY heatwave).

As we had some of Dave's family visiting at the time we felt we really should make the effort to leave our lovely fan behind and brave the crowds to get a good look at the famous Macy's fireworks. 

But first we started the day in a truly American way - pancakes in a diner. Delicious.

(We also ended up in a coffee shop mid afternoon where they were showing the Coney Island hotdog eating contest which made me a feel a little ill).

Anyway, the fireworks are launched from barges on the Hudson River so we wandered down to about 72nd street to see if we could get a view from the riverside. I thought it might be mobbed and crazy but actually it was a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
(As a Brit I never fail to be amazed by the lack of public drunkeness at large gatherings in America...)

We ended up with a great spot on a pier where we had a drink and sat watching the sunset as we waited for the extravaganza. There was a lovely breeze off the river which was such a treat.
We were rather envious of the people with riverside balconies though...

Some New Yorkers have told me the fireworks were a bit disappointing this year but we thought they were great! I especially liked the hearts and smiley faces - very impressive.

The anthropologist in me was perhaps slightly disappointed with the lack of flag-waving red white and blue craziness. 
Maybe i'd like to be somewhere a bit more 'American' next year!

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