Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Six months

I can't quite believe that as of last Monday we have been in New York six whole months!

Unfortunately I still call it the tube, still have to use every inch of my brain to write the date correctly, still have faintly scruffy fingernails and definitely still scream every time I see a rat.

So not quite a New Yorker yet. 
Especially this week as the start of summer has made me look exactly like the Scottish tourist I am (think sunburnt scalp, legs covered in mossie bites, desperate to moan about the humidity to anyone who'll listen...)

But, I am beginning to feel that familiarity with the city you never get as a tourist. 
I know which end of the tube (er, Subway) to get on for which exit, I get annoyed at tourists walking too slowly along the bottom of Central Park, I've pretty much mastered American spelling and am slowly, slowly weaning myself off converting everything to £ and Celsius in my head...

All in all I'm pretty excited at where we're at six months in to our adventure. Properly living, working and enjoying our new city.

And still excited enough about being here that we continue to take cheesy, touristy photos at every opportunity!

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