Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Thursday was our first Thanksgiving!

As we had no furniture or kitchen appliances at that point we refrained from attempting a full on turkey dinner but we did go see the famous Macy's parade. I know it's for children but it's our first thanksgiving! What we discovered at about 9.30 in the morning is that apparently people go from 6am in order to get a good viewing spot so by the time we got there we were at the back of a very large crowd. Note the families who brought stepladders to improve their view!

However it was a lovely festive atmosphere and I was totally fascinated to observe lots of real New York families in situ.

Parade chasing... (whilst doing my bit for Edinburgh tourism)

And a giant flying Kermit!

A very friendly American tourist insisted on taking our picture in front of these giant Christmas baubles

It was a gorgeous sunny and crisp day so we took a lovely walk home along the full length of Central Park. The views were incredible! I cannot wait to explore the park properly and am very happy that it's so close to our flat. Oh, and apparently it's quite geologically interesting too. Bonus!

We will definitely be back for some Christmas skating here, so festive!

View from west side (our side) of the reservoir. Pretty sure this is where Charlotte and her dogs run girls!

All in all a great first Thanksgiving. I hope that my next year we will be all set up to do it properly but this year we were very happy eating pasta off plastic plates in our furniture-less flat!


  1. Hannah, this is lovely! More, please!

    Vicky xxx

  2. Loving it! Looks so lovely and everything is so exciting. Please keep it up.


  3. Did you have a real thanksgiving dinner with pumpkin pie??? My homemade pumpkin pie (even the crust yes yes) was delicious!!!

  4. Very impressive Nath! Sadly we didn't even have pie. Next year!x


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